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Esko AIR8 Multigas Respiratory Kit


Esko Multigas Respiratory Kit in Plastic Resealable Container

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  • Contents: 1x 8600 Half Mask Respirator, 2x 8040 A1B1E1K1 gas filters, 2x 805 hygiene wipes, 1x resealable polybag
  • Available in sizes: small, medium, large
  • Ergonomic design reduces fogging when worn with eye protection
  • Drop-down feature for added convenience
  • Lightweight - all day comfort
  • Adjustable head cradle
  • Long lasting spandex straps
  • Secure silicone comfort
  • A1B1E1K1 protection against multiple gas/vapour hazards: organic gases and vapours (boiling point above 65 degrees), inorganic vapours and acid gases
  • Chemical clean-up
  • When using: glues, thinners lacquers, garden pesticides, degreasers, acetone, organic solvents
  • Acid gases such as sulphur dioxide and hydrogen chloride, ammonia
Pack quantity/MOQ: 1
Carton quantity: 12