Esko’s glove size guide


Everyone’s hands are different. 

ESKO’s downloadable glove size guide combines two measurements—width of palm and finger length—to help find the best size for your unique hands.

Click to download a PDF copy of the ESKO chart. Print off a copy; but it’s important to print the chart at 100%, or it will not be accurate (ensure the ‘fit to page’ setting is unchecked). 

Check that the scale line has printed correctly at 130mm.

Place a pen or pencil on the X; line your hand up so that the fingers extend straight out and the left of your index finger lines up as closely as possible to the dashed line.
Slide the joint of your thumb and index finger up to the pen placed over the X.

Then check to see which line comes closest to (a) the right-hand edge of your hand across the knuckles and (b) to the tip of your middle (longest) finger.

Take the largest size indicated by these two measurements—this will be your best glove size. 

If your measure is between the lines, choose the higher size.

And sorry lefties; this is a right handed chart. With many people your dominant hand may be a little larger than the other—so if necessary, factor that in too.


Esko Cuff Colours

For quick identification, all gloves in the Esko range have standardised colours of cuff binding.

Not Sure?—Request a Sample

Note that, although sizes are standardised, because of differing materials and design, gloves unavoidably have some variances from range to range. If you are still uncertain about what size would best fit your hand it may be best to trial a sample—give us a call at 0800 500 470