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The ESKO brand story

Esko is New Zealand’s own premium safety products brand.

Behind the brand stands years of experience, manufacturing and supplying safety products designed to stand between humans and harm in some of New Zealand’s most challenging industries; agricultural, automotive, civil, industrial, marine, and manufacturing. We also help keep our country’s roads, and the people who drive and work on them, safer.

As a result, some of New Zealand’s largest companies trust Esko safety products to protect their most important asset, their employees.

As a staunchly Kiwi-owned, intergenerational company, we’re always looking to innovate, while respecting our past. Because we take our responsibility to workers, companies, and suppliers seriously, Esko only stock quality, accredited products.

At the end of the day, our job is to help get everyone home safe. You can rely on us for that.

Esko’s core values

Trust & reliability

You can rely on us, because we are loyal, honest and transparent. We understand that life is about delivering on your promises and failure to do this needs quick attention.

An honest day’s work

We believe success is earned, not granted — it is achieved through passion, discipline, clarity, and teamwork. We are grateful for the small wins as well as the big — taking every day as an opportunity for improvement.

Innovative thinking

We believe in the power of positivity, optimism and a can-do approach to every challenge. We are always looking for new innovative ideas, and better ways to do things. Sometimes they come from us and sometimes they come from our customers — which we appreciate too!


We are committed to adding value to every customer interaction with prompt and professional service. Our business is built on the confidence that our customers and supplier partners have in Esko.


We have care and respect for our colleagues, and for the lives that people entrust to our Esko products. Our mission is to protect, empower and improve the lives of New Zealand’s working community.

Here for the long haul

As an intergenerational business, we have a commitment to your company and the needs within the community — blending experience and new ideas, now and into the future. Consistency of ownership, values and people, means you know what you can expect and rely on for years to come.


I am a distributor

If you are a reseller of trade safety supplies, we’d like to hear from you. Just phone or email to receive an account application form—eligibility is subject to approval.

All account holders receive a confidential pricelist. Price details are also available to Esko account holders on the website after logging in.

Esko’s pricing is unapologetically competitive—but we are always prepared to look at a deal!

Yes, we like getting new ideas. With our industry experience and our supplier network, chances are we can help you. Give us call.

I am an end user

Esko sell only through a trusted network of distributors—but we welcome all enquiries. We will be happy to direct you to the most appropriate distributor in your area.

Yes, we are happy to discuss your individual requirements and provide advice. Just phone, email or use the contact form on this website.

As long as your enquiry is for more than minimal quantity, Esko is happy to discuss your needs, identify the best solution and send samples.

We are happy to meet with end users but Esko is strictly a wholesale/distribution company, not a retailer.

Send us a message

If you’ve got a question that needs answering get in touch today.