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Esko Stealth P2 Half Mask


Stealth P2 half mask with twin HEPAC™ P3 filters

  • Maximum filtration: P2 rating, removes 99.99% of airborne particles
  • Maximum protection: Low breathing resistance
  • Maximum visibility: Sleek unobtrusive design
  • Maximum comfort: Can be worn for 8+ hours
  • Takes ESF-P3 particulate filters or ESF-P3NO particulate/nuisance odour replacement filters
  • Quick release strap: Single piece head and neck strap with quick release clip for easy adjustment
  • Non-allergenic: Mask body is manufactured from high-grade TPE material—latex and silicone free.
  • Exhalation valve: Downward facing valve ensures exhalation will not steam or fog glasses/goggles.
  • Sample port: Built in for easy face fit testing
  • Replaceable filters: Twin HEPAC™ pleated encapsulated filters provide 99.9% filtration. Fiberglass free
  • Pre-filter: Attached as standard—prolongs life of filter, extra dust loading capacity
  • Grille louvres: Specific angles to allow air passage for maximum breathing
  • Grille protection: Protects 100% of the filter’s surface area from particulates directly clogging the filter, ensuring better filtration efficiency and lower breathing resistance
  • Sanding, grinding, drilling, sawing of timber or masonry
  • Legionnaires disease protection
  • Paint preparation
  • Asbestos (approved types of work only)
  • Plasterboard fixing and stopping
  • Agricultural dust from grain harvesting, potting mix, pollen, hay, feathers, animal feed
  • Insulation installation
  • Packing, warehousing
  • Vehicle repair
  • Welding (not galvanised or aluminium)
  • Food processing
  • Mining
  • Construction
Pack quantity: 1 mask
Carton quantity: 16

Esko Stealth P2 Half Mask
Product Code: EHMSR-P2
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