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Esko Razor X300 Cut 3 PU Dip Glove


Razor X300 glove, UHMWPE, cut resistance Level 3, fibre PU coating, sizes 7–11

  • EN 388:20034342
  • ANSI 105-2016 (A3)
  • Cut Resistant CUT 3

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  • Knitted from high-performance UHMWPE combined with stretchy spandex/polyester liner and PU palm coating
  • Certified to protect to European standards Cut Level 3
  • Razor X300 combines cut protection with comfort, flexibility and dexterity
  • Superior grip
  • Performs in dry and wet conditions
  • Sizes 7–11

The Razor 300 glove has been replaced in our range by the Razor 320 (E460) cut level 3 glove. We have a small amount of the Razor 300 range left---call us for a deal on these if you are interested in a quantity.

EN 388:20034342

EN 388:2003

The standard for certifying protective gloves against mechanical risks. The numbers under the shield represent (L to R) resistance to abrasion, cut (coup test), tear and puncture.

ANSI 105-2016 (A3)

ANSI 105-2016 (A3)

The American ANSI cut protection classification for gloves. The numeral represents a ten-point scale, 0 to 9 (lowest to most cut resistant), based on the weight in grams needed to cut through the glove material with 20 mm blade travel in the TDM test.

  • Glass handling
  • Sheet metal
  • Waste/recycling
  • Hazardous and sharp material
  • Engineering
Sizes available: S(7) only
Pack quantity/MOQ: 12 pairs
Carton quantity: 120